I am answering the call of the wild. This call is the stirring of my Magick & higher self, which moves me to weave more love into our grand shared Web of Life. Art, divination, moving images, kitchen Witchery, music, Tarot, & Spells are all modalities in which I explore Magick.  Serving you through my Magick is an honor. I truly live to share the beauty and power of Witchcraft. The word Witch is a compliment and the embodiment of powerful beings communing with the brilliance of our earth and all of the cosmos.

I have always said Everything Is A Spell. Inside of this nebulous Everything  we are all affecting change on our mysterious Web of Life. Clarity and intention in our words and deeds can laser our precious visions, so they may communicate clearly to the rest of the world. Tarot readings, Spellbound Rites & my small batch apothecary elements are all consciously created through my non-culturally appropriative practice. I am a lifelong, fiercely intersectional feminist here to dismantle the white supremacist patriarchy. My quest to create safer space involves very boldly being anti-racist anti-homophobic, anti-trans phobic, anti-ablest, anti-ageist & anti-misogynist. These enactments & goods are here to assist you in accessing and ferrying your inner visions forward where they may take shape in the world.

I am a born Witch and have an extremely seasoned practice. There can be some fear surrounding the natural arts and sciences of practicing Magick. It is my intention to assuage any discomfort in the utilization of these blessed sacred prayers. My practice is deeply rooted in the knowing that we are beings made of pure potentiality and that believing in our power can create beautiful pathways where our dreams can find their rightful homes. Magick is sacred play, potent salve and your birthright! You are Magickal & I am here for you.