Access the Akashic Records


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You’re invited to a fundraiser for migrant justice. All proceeds go to Angry Tias & Abuelas.
Access the Akashic Records for personal growth with Leah Garza. Hosted by Angela Mary Magick
When: Sunday October 27, 2019
           1pm – 4pm
Where: A private residence in Huntington Beach, California. Address supplied upon purchase.


Every soul has an Akashic Record. The Akashic Record is the vibrational record of your soul’s journey from its inception.

It contains all of the information about your past lives, soul group, experience in the womb, early childhood, and everything else you could possibly want to know about you.

Your records know you better than you know yourself!

Why Access the Records?

The Records exist in an energetic plane of pure unconditional love and compassion.

When you open them you can get a perspective about yourself that is purely loving and compassionate.

The Records want you to have all the information and support that you need to understand and shift your most limiting beliefs, patterns, relationships and traumas. Its an opportunity to know your soul level truth, and understand how incredibly beautiful and powerful you are.

What Do We Learn In This Class?
▪️History of the Records
▪️How to open and close the Records
▪️Knowing the difference between your intuition and the records
▪️How you can use them in your life for growth and healing