Altalune Collection: The Lovers .

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The Lovers – Altalune Sensual Oracle Cards and Moon bb Magick Tarot Deck

by Angela Mary Magick

A 50-card Oracle deck for arousing body pleasure and gently releasing shame along with her companion Moon bb Magick Tarot deck

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Altalune Sensual Oracle Cards by Angela Mary Magick, are for arousing your body pleasure & gently releasing shame. This colorful lunar & sex positive themed deck is the newest offering by the creatrix of Moon bb Magick Tarot, as seen in Oprah Magazine. Altalune is a lover, a guide & a portal to the Magick of your beautiful body, exactly as it is. Altalune Sensual Oracle Cards are a divination tool rooted in the sensuous nature of your body & are here for your self love practice. They are also a lover & companion to any tarot deck. Use alone & as a sexy addition to any tarot reading. Each Altalune card is linked to each tarot major arcana card & court card plus a dozen ReWilding cards . Altalune Sensual Oracle Cards & Moon bb Magick Tarot are lovers & available now!

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