Underworld High Yearbook ~ Class of 2021~ Autumn Book of Shadows

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Underworld High Yearbook ~ Class of 2021~ Autumn Book of Shadows

Your Autumn Book of Shadows is here to help keep your Magick on track. Life is a lot right now! With so many waves to ride it can feel like the drama of high school all over again. Let’s celebrate the madcap high school vibe in this digital download where you receive so much:

•My Self Initiation Ritual from the Opening Ceremony of Modern Witches Confluence 2021 where I am so honored to be your FemmeCee

•4 unique Witches Brew recipes for each day leading up to Halloween, which coincide with all four days of Modern Witches Confluence 2021

•Book of Shadows pages

•Journal prompts

•Tarot spreads

•Tattoo Flash Art Page to Color & Doodle

•Classmate memory pages to remember the teachers, lovers & friends from this season. This is a great place to journal your experiences from Witchy Wayfinding including Tarot & Oracle wisdom and Q&A from the teachers that attend after their workshops.

Don’t we love our Witchcraft for giving us the tools we need to make Magick from all the waves?

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