Rose~Buck Eclipse Mars & Mercury Rx Ritual Session


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Protect & Manifest Spell, beneath our shared Rose~Buck full lunar eclipse. I remotely and confidentially sound the bell to activate the Spell and weave in your intention that you send to me in the note box, at checkout.


Protect & Manifest Spell to assist in the vital care of your body, vision & intention. This is an auspicious time of sudden shadows at the height of our brightest time of year, with Mars and Mercury retrograde for our Rose~Buck full lunar eclipse. Presenting you with a unique opportunity to take your potent and massively important shadow~work even deeper into your spiritual practice. Your need for self awareness and clarity of your inner-knowings are essential within these delicate celestial events.  By joining this Rose~Buck Eclipse Mars & Mercury Rx Ritual Session you will be piercing the veil and sending a laser like beacon for your visions to better find you, while clearing & enveloping your spirit in a necessary aura of protection. You will write your ritual intention in the “Order notes (optional)” (bottom left-hand side) of the check-out page. Your intention will be written on a black paper card & placed upon the sacred altar. As part of the enactment of our private & confidential Ritual Session your intention card will be consecrated with holy water, anointed with sacred oils and burned. The ash will be buried at the Ritual Session Altar site on the Jurassic Coast of England. On Lammas, August 1st you will be mailed a letter that includes the incantation utilized at the Ritual Session, and a photo of our altar with your intention. A few other sacreds will be included.


Friday July 27th 2018


The Jurassic Coast of England, UK


IMPORTANT NOTICE: You will NOT be physically present for this Spell, nor will you be connected live by video or audio during this celestial event.
I Magickally, remotely cast our confidential Circle, in perfect love and perfect trust.
You will receive Magickal prompts for our Rose~Buck Eclipse Mars & Mercury Rx Ritual Session 33 hours prior to the Lunar Eclipse. You are welcome and encouraged to light a candle at your home altar, wherever you are in the world, between 7:24pm British Summer Time (BST)  and 9:21pm BST (11:24am PST and 1:21pm PST).


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