Moon bb Magick Tarot Deck – 3rd & Final Edition


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Moon bb Magick Tarot

3rd & Final Edition

by Angela Mary Magick

A colorful & original daily Tarot deck for the glorious love affair between you and your intuition

Moon bb Magick Tarot, by Angela Mary Magick, is a colorful & original lunar themed daily Tarot deck for you and your inner child. Beautiful colors of the rainbow & keywords printed on each card, simplify & enliven the Tarot pathway to your intuition. Moon bb Magick Tarot is deconstructed in collaged images & one of the eight lunar phases on each card. Moon bb Magick Unique Guidebook is filled with more keywords including reversals, Tarot spreads, Spells, playlists, recipes and so much more! With a very special forward by the amazing Marytza K Rubio.

Re-imagined suits are renamed:

CAVES {pentacles}, BLADES {swords}, LASERS {wands} & WAVES {cups}

For Tarot bb’s & professionals daily use

Moon bb Magick Tarot Deck Details

Size: standard Tarot Size – 2.75inches by 4.75inches

Card Count: Moon bb Magick has 80 cards! Standard 78 Tarot cards with 2 extra including:

Moon bb Magick Tarot Moon Phase Magick ~ keywords for all 8 phases of the moon.

Moon bb Magick Tarot Color Magick ~ keywords for the 7 colors of the rainbow

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