Sacred Seven Surrender Tarot Spell

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BLESSED 7 / 7 PORTAL & Waning Crescent Moon in Gemini!!!!
So so so excited to share that Edgar Fabian Frias and I will be hosting Sacred Seven Spell tonight at 7pm on my YouTube~Angela Mary Magick
This offering has a very special PDF download which includes a Sacred Seven Surrender Tarot Spell,  an exclusive grounding, protective, & clearing meditation created by Edgar Fabian Frias and a Deliciously Divine Celestial Seven Witches Brew Recipe by Angela Mary Magick
“From the love of community , each other and Magick , Edgar Fabian Frias & Angela Mary Magick have divined a Circle to enchant & support your Craft in the 7th month of the year.

Sacred Seven Spell is a flexible experience that ALL are welcome to attend free of charge.

This 77 minute livestream event on YouTube~Angela Mary Magick  can be as immersive as you choose with an optional $7.77 downloadable PDF available for purchase.

Sacred Seven Spell includes a Tarot Spell by Edgar Fabian Frias utilizing Angela @moonbbmagicktarot.  Celestial Seven Witches Brew Recipe by Angela Mary Magick. An exclusive Guided Meditation by Edgar that will lead you to their fabulous YouTube Channel.