Sturgeon FULL MOON in Pisces Community Ritual Session


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Sturgeon FULL MOON in Pisces Community Ritual


The Sturgeon FULL MOON in Pisces is this weekend on Sunday August 26th and it’s time to gather together ‘round our scared fires. The nectar of our body quickens during this watery, emotional FULL MOON. Its no wonder, Moon bb’s! There have been multiple radical celestial events of our summer 2018. This summer of wild eclipses and retrogrades left so many of us depleted and spent. Our emotional systems require nourishment. Our relationships need mending and our immune systems may need repair. Full moons are a great time for major collecting, becoming and embodying. As the Sturgeon FULL MOON in spiritually evolved Pisces rolls through our energy field, the tides of our bodies rise. This can bring about a wild eyed agitation and frantic need to DO & GO as a way to cope with these sensations. How can we keep our ships afloat and on course even though we have already been through such wild energy upheaval? Ritual of course! Let us weave together for this Sturgeon FULL MOON in Pisces Community Ritual~Sea Change Spell. It’s time now to collect sacred nourishment & feed ourselves very deeply as we begin to prepare for the season to change and our spiral shaped life to keep moving us closer and closer to our truest selves. Spell work is calling you…You will be entering my bespoke Moon Coven where we will work through the waters of the body to remain on our path of pleasure. We will actively repair the effects of our shared celestial events in our orbit as we absorb the fresh inner knowings that we unearthed during Summer 2018.

At checkout please write your FULL MOON intention and your full birthdate and time. There is an aspect of this spell that works within your specific sun, moon and rising sign so please be sure to include your birth time to maximum effectiveness within this Spell.

Sunday 26th August 2018
The Pacific Coast of California


Important Notice: in my Moon Coven Community Ritual you will not be physically present. I do all the Magickal heavy lifting while you will receive prompts filled with bespoke recipes, that you may choose to utilize at your home altar. There will be sacreds mailed to you within a Moon after the Spell is complete.


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