Aromatherapy Zodiac Lunar Love Water Mysts

ATMOSPHERE Mysts are meant to be utilized liberally on your bed, body, altar, work space, lovers and friends. Each drop of precious sacred Myst comes from a “Mother Water” that I have been nurturing since 1995, when I collected it from the wondrous caves of Lourdes, France. Within every bottle of ATMOSPHERE Myst there is a beaded crystal or stone amulet, to be used as a talisman. Your amulet will mix your ATMOSPHERE Myst to ensure the plant essential oils are evenly distributed. Shake very well before use. When you have used every droplet of your Myst, please string your amulet crystal or stone and focus on your visions that you are manifesting through the beautiful ritual of self-care.

First begin with ATMOSPHERE Resist Myst : shake well before use, sounding the the Magick black lava bead amulet within. In self-care we want to engage all our senses and the sound of your amulet acts as a sacred bell, signalling to your body, mind and Spirit that your ritual has begun. Then hold your Resist Myst approximately 13 inches above your third eye and begin spraying all around your head, creating a lovely envelope. Breathe deeply in through your nose. See the love and gratefulness you have for the blessings in your life. Upon your exhale through your mouth please release all suffering, fear and anxiety. Repeat this breath-work at least three times. Resist Myst is your psychic shield, glamour for protection, and filter for friendly spirits to enter and cooties to stay far away from you. Utilize Resist Myst for grounding very deeply to our glorious Mother Earth.

Now that you are deliciously attached and nested deep into the protective shield of ATMOSPHERE Resist Myst you are ready to manifest your visions with ATMOSPHERE Moon Magick.

Take a moment to cradle your bottle of Moon Magick at your heart. Begin to see the crystal vision of your wildest dreams. Shake your bottle to activate the bell sound of the quartz crystal amulet bead within. Begin to Myst your ATMOSPHERE Moon Magick approximately 13 inches above your third eye, fully enveloping your head. Breathe in this halo as you live fully in the vision you are beginning to manifest. Repeat; breathing in through your nose. Exhale through your mouth, releasing any feelings of guilt, shame and fear associated with your sacred vision. Repeat this until a smile gently begins to appear on your sweet lips.

ATMOSPHERE Aura Invocation Myst 

Myst on altar, bath, bed, body, workspace, lovers & friends! To charge, cleanse & activate beloveds, sacreds, self & inner knowings. Shake your bottle to activate the bell sound of the tiger eye amulet bead. Hold 13″ above crown, Mysting in a counter clockwise circle of 3, producing a gossamer halo enveloping all 6 senses. Inhale through your nose to soften your body, exhale through your mouth saying “Ahh”.  Repeat daily as your Magick calls for.

This is all original copy & text from Angela Mary Adams LaBounty